UNSW courses for semester one, 2014
February 20, 2014

For the first semester of 2014, I will be teaching tutorials for the following two courses:

I will also be assisting in the administration of COMP3141 Software System Design and Implementation, taught by Manuel Chakravarty, a course focusing on the use of equational properties to drive software development, ranging from QuickCheck-style testing to formal verification in Agda.

COMP4141 Theory of Computation is running again, and I once again encourage anyone interested to enrol. It doesn’t run every year, and it’s fascinating and educational. Kai Engelhardt sadly won’t be teaching it, as he is busy teaching COMP2111 System Modelling and Design, which will be reinvented along similar lines to SENG2011, although I don’t know if that’s happening this time around.

COMP6752 Modelling Concurrent Systems, formerly known as Comparative Concurrency Semantics, is being run by Rob van Glabbeek. I will be attending this course. It covers all sorts of models and semantics for concurrent systems, notions of semantic equivalence, modal and temporal logics, and so on. For those who enjoyed Foundations of Concurrency last year, this is a natural continuation, and it’s taught by a luminary in the field, to boot.

For those wishing to choose electives, in addition to the above I recommend COMP3821 Extended Algorithms, COMP3153 Algorithmic Verification, and COMP3891 Extended Operating Systems.