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Posted on November 11, 2015

Work hard, boy, and you’ll find,
One day you’ll have
A blog like mine, blog like mine,
A blog like mine.
— Cat Stevens [Paraphrased]

Over the years many people have asked me to share with them how I developed this website, seeing as it has a variety of very nice features including:

Up until recently, I was very reluctant to share the code for this website, because, among other things:

However I am pleased to announce that now I have cleaned up all of these problems. The LaTeX rendering has been completely rewritten in Haskell, and is more configurable and useful. It’s provided in my latex-formulae suite of packages, available on GitHub and Hackage under the following three packages:

The Agda code has been cleaned up and packaged into two useful Hackage packages, also available on GitHub:

The bibliography workaround is no longer necessary, due to fixes in upstream libraries.

The other features (feeds, highlighting) are all just provided by Hakyll built-in. The source of this website itself is also available on GitHub, in particular the Hakyll code for it may be of interest.