A status update, two years late.
17th August 2022

I have neglected this blog for far too long. Shortly after receiving my doctorate, I applied for and got a permanent position as Lecturer in Programming Languages for Trustworthy Systems at the LFCS at the University of Edinburgh School of Informatics. Despite being in my fourth decade of life, this is the first permanent job I've ever had.

I moved to Edinburgh in late 2020 and shortly afterward began research work. I was appointed as Social Media Editor of the Journal of Functional Programming, and now run its twitter account. I also recently joined the Steering Committee for the Workshop on Type-Driven Development. I am secondary supervisor to two PhD students: Tudor Ferariu (whose primary supervisor is Phil Wadler), working on verification of smart contracts, and Mathieu Fehr (whose primary supervisor is Tobias Grosser), working on formalising compiler intermediate representations.

I also began some new projects. Mostly, my focus is on the Quickstrom testing tool for testing user interfaces using Linear Temporal Logic. I will write a separate post about this shortly. I've recently taken on a new PhD student, Rayhana Amjad, on this project.

Since my old group was defunded by CSIRO, the illustrious Rob van Glabbeek, expert on concurrency theory and process algebra, suddently became available. At my instigation, the School of Informatics here at Edinburgh successfully acquired a Wolfson Fellowship grant to bring him here, and we are now collaborating on several lines of research, including Quickstrom.

I've also developed Holbert, a graphical proof assistant and online textbook platform for educational use.

Teaching-wise, I am developing a new course to teach alongside Rob, but am also lecturing the course Introduction to Theoretical Computer Science, a course about automata, computability, complexity and lambda calculus.

I've also been publishing fairly actively about Cogent and similar. I will write a post shortly on my recent publications in this area.

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